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Fábrica do Chocolate

'Fábrica do Chocolate' Hotel

Truly themed

This is a small charm Hotel where every bedroom tells a different story. All 18 rooms (of which 5 are duplex suites) are unique. The guest can sleep in the comfort of one of their favorite chocolate brands, in the environment of the equatorial fields of cocoa or even in the imaginary classic stories like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" or "Hansel and Gretel".

What we intend is that each day of your stay is a unique experience. Here you can pamper yourself with a rejuvenating treatment of chocotherapy, enjoy the exclusivity of a chocolate fountain for two and get to know different types of chocolate in a commented tasting, after an inspiring visit to the Museum.
We took the concept of the Hotel theme seriously, discover our rooms here!

Services that sweeten your experience

Whatever the room, there will always be chocolate to welcome the guest and to ease the pain of farewell. But while you are with us you can always consult our room service menu, designed to pamper our guests.

Chocolate amenities

All services, including the amenities line, contribute to a chocolate themed experience. In the bathroom, you will find thematic amenities that include a soap that looks like a square of chocolate, shower gel, shampoo and moisturizing cream with chocolate aroma as well. A chocolate environment freshener ensures that in all rooms and public areas of the Hotel the sweet tooth get "inebriated" in the same way that the old chocolate factory did in the nearest building streets.

And our breakfast? Who resists?

The breakfast of the 'Fábrica do Chocolate' is the kind that make us yearn for the morning to arrive.
There is a plenty of assorted breads, fruit juices, breakfast cereals, pastries, cheese, sausages, sliced cake and rolled fruit to dip into the irresistible source of dark chocolate.

Come to try our breakfast!