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Fábrica do Chocolate

A Factory of Experiences!

Imagine a world made of chocolate, where kids and grown-ups explore the amazing universe of the "food of the Gods". A century old building, where chocolate was once produced and from where a sweet aroma used to emerge all over the city, is today a newly restored building that keeps its history and memories alive, but with a new purpose. Today, the production is of unique experiences totally dedicated to chocolate.

For you, looking for a different experience, we have created a Hotel, a Restaurant and a Museum, totally dedicated to chocolate, so you can discover its origins, its history, curiosities and unforgettable flavours.

We await you.

Take a virtual visit to the 'Fábrica do Chocolate'!

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Sweet Temptation

Aromas, flavors and memories

Discover an unforgettable journey through the aromas and flavours of chocolate!

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The Hotel

Sweet Nights

Where the theme is our motto

Nothing is better than chocolate, but our Hotel is not far behind... discover here how far this passion goes!

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The Museum

Origin of Cocoa

An interactive journey

A true lover doesn't get satisfied with just the wonderful flavour... come also listen and see all there is to know about Chocolate!

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Offers to whet your appetite
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The factory shop... perfect 'delicacy'

At the 'Fábrica do Chocolate' there is a space that has been designed in detail so that visitors can find something to take with them as a souvenir of their visit.

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