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Fábrica do Chocolate

The events

Chocolate: the King of the Party!

We organize the event you're wishing for. We just have a necessary condition: chocolate will always be the king of the party! Whether this is for a small or for a larger group with 50 guests, 'Fábrica do Chocolate' will most certainly surprise you.
If you prefer a calmer event, you can invite your family for a sunday lunch. You will be warmly welcomed by the Chef Pedro Araújo and  by all his team. You will feel at home.
Have you had already thought to organise a unique event to celebrate your anniversary? What about surprising someone you know, who is truly "chocoholic"? You can count on us. We will organise everything to make it a complete surprise!
Imagine a private wedding for you or for a friend with chocolate surprises for the grooms and for the wedding guests!
Do you know already where your children will have their next party? We will help you. Our Grandad Lima and Tomé will certainly help us.

Chocolate Bar

This is a must do experience, even if it is once in a lifetime!

Events at 'Fábrica do Chocolate' can be brightened by a "chocolate bar" made of a variety of chocolate treats of chocolates to fine pastries, spoon sweets, biscuits and cookies, macarons, cupcakes and chocolate fountains. Simply irresistible!

Offers and souvenirs

No details are forgotten!

When taking a souvenir to remember the special moments lived at the 'Fábrica do Chocolate', with the assistance of the staff members, customers can select from a range of high quality chocolates and take a personalized souvenir. 


Hands in the dough!
The 'Fábrica do Chocolate' also offers different themed workshops, for example chocolate initiation workshops, bonbons, cake design, workshops for children among other options. Updated information will be available on our Facebook page. We also organise customised individual or group workshops on request. It is certainly a different way to celebrate your anniversary or other special occasion. Join your friends and family to do a private workshop with one of the themes available and we will help you to live extraordinary moments together, just contact us for a budget request.
Kids love chocolate!
Workshops and ateliers for children have been specifically thought to make learning fun, being all followed by our team members. Apart from hands-on cooking activities (cookies, cupcakes), kids can also enjoy cinema sessions, storytelling, educational games and art projects related to cocoa and chocolate.


Full day chocolate cake decorating class with modeling chocolate and real cake (no polystyrene models are used in this class).

  • Leveling, filling and topping with chocolate ganache
  • Modeling chocolate - recipe and preparation
  • Cake covergin with modeling chocolate
  • Leveling and stacking in layers
  • Modeling of roses with sugar paste
Price per person | €65,00

  • Places are limited. Registration is mandatory by email
  • Only participants over 16 are allowed
  • No knowledge required in the area


Happy Birthday! Today is your day!
A chocolate lover deserves a very special anniversary party. Guess who will not miss your memorable party. If your birthday is close, make your reservation now. Contact us and get to know the available options!
View the birthday menu here »

Kids Party! Surprise your children with a unique birthday party!
Our little guests will be welcomed by our staff that will guide them through the learning and fun journey to the Interactive Museum of the 'Fábrica do Chocolate'.

During this interactive journey by the fantastic chocolate world, kids will watch a 4D movie while seated on the side of a pyramid, pass by a caravel and play fun and learning games. In the end, they can wear a chocolate factory workers uniform and "work hard" to produce their own chocolate and even personalize it!
After visiting the Museum, all our little guests will participate in a fun cooking activity to help preparing the snack of their party. This will be the perfect moment for singing "Happy birthday" and blow out the candles. This will certainly be a memorable party! We have different options for various ages. Contact us!

View the activities here »


You will want to repeat and repeat and repeat!
If you are a chocolate lover, you will certainly appreciate the different types of chocolate, origins and flavours. Chocolate tasting can be enjoyed individually, with a special person or in a small group. You just need to tell us when is the best moment for you, before a delicious lunch or dinner in our restaurant, or in any moment of the day. Our chocolate tasting is always oriented by one of our cooking, baking and pastry professionals.

Themed Parties

Free your inner chocoholic... and bring him along to the party!
We have designed different themed parties for choco lovers:


Type of event | Dinner
Nr. pax | 10 - 60

  • Welcoming guests at the reception of the Museum with chocolate welcoming service
  • Visit to the Museum
  • Dinner with themed menu (starter, main course and dessert)
  • Birthday cake and tray of temptation
Chocolate tasting at the end of the visit to the Museum


Type of event | Dinner
Nr. pax | 10 - 60

  • Welcoming guests at the reception of the Museum with chocolate welcoming service
  • Visit to the Museum (Mayan drink served in the 4D Room)
  • Dinner with tasting menu with wine pairing
  • Birthday cake and tray of temptation with wine pairing
Chocolate tasting at the end of the visit to the Museum


Type of event | Late afternoon + Dinner
Nr. pax | 5 - 15

  • Welcoming guests at the factory shop at 6pm with chocolate welcoming service
  • 2-hour private workshop (choosing from chocolates, macarons, decorating biscuits, chocolate decorations)
  • Visit to the Museum
  • Dinner with themed menu
  • Birthday cake and tray of temptation
Chocotherapy treatments for the guests
Chocolate tasting at the end of the visit to the Museum (to be defined price/person)

Surprise Parties

Shhhh! Let's keep it a secret?
Is there anyone special that deserves a surprise party? Whether it's because is their birthday, or because they've graduated, or because they're leaving the loved ones, or because they've return home, or simply because they deserve it. Count on us to prepare everything, without anyone noticing. We set the date with you, make the invitations, prepare the menu and layout of the room and still help you to hide all the guests to make this surprise an unforgettable moment for all of those who are part of it!
We love surprises, because they combine very well with chocolate! Quoting Forrest Gump:

"Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get."