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Fábrica do Chocolate

The Museum

After the taste, the knowledge

Come and visit the Interactive Museum at 'Fábrica do Chocolate'!

Occupying the entire basement of the building, with a total area of 500 m2, the Museum is divided into 5 distinct areas, interconnected and arranged in circuit, in order to provide the visitor a trip through the origins, productive cycle of cocoa and chocolate, as well as their history.

The Museum stands out as a space that offers a set of elements and interpretative solutions, with a strong technological component and multimedia tools enabling an immersive and interactive learning and entertainment experience dedicated to cocoa and chocolate.

Study visit

If you are looking for a different, educational and fun place to bring your students, eureka. You found it! The Interactive Museum of 'Fábrica do Chocolate' is an excellent opportunity for students to spend a morning or afternoon learning many new things without realizing it, because of the fun they will be having!
The contents of the Museum are designed for children and adults, being interesting and timely at any age and educational level. The topics covered throughout the circuit of the visit are diverse:
  • The sciences of nature because we speak of cocoa, fruit and plant and the conditions in which it is born and flourishes
  • The geography, because it addresses the geographical regions where cacao grows and where it is native
  • The more remote and more recent history as the visitor gets to know details about the first civilizations (Mayas, Aztecs and Olmecs) that valued the cocoa either as food or as a bargaining chip. A 4D film focuses on the time in history when Hernan Cortez, Spanish navigator brings cocoa to Europe for further diffusion
  • The new technologies since the Museum circuit is a real interactive journey using cutting-edge technologies. From the 4D experience to the multiplicity of interactive screens with educational games, from an augmented reality appointment to a small sized chocolate factory where the visitor, while literally wearing the factory robe, will help produce his own chocolate
  • The nutrition, as the nutritional values associated with various products derived from cocoa and chocolate are evaluated, in order to encourage responsible consumption of the "food of the Gods"
  • The social responsibility since the problems of cocoa-producing communities are highlighted with regard to the working and living conditions of their inhabitants
...and much more. The visit to the 'Fábrica do Chocolate', in addition to being truly multidisciplinary, is also unforgettable, educational, interactive, irresistible and a "bit of a sweet tooth"!

Plan the visit

Before the visit | Enhance your visit by booking your trip to the Museum in advance. Please provide the following information: the number of students, their age, the school level, the number of group leaders (teachers, course leaders) and the expected arrival time to the Museum.
Accessibility | The bus in which students will arrive can temporarily stop at the front door of 'Fábrica do Chocolate'. The teachers responsible for the students should go with them to the Museum entrance and walk down a flight of stairs. Visitors with disabilities can take the lift in the Hotel reception.
Purchasing tickets | Tickets are purchased at the Museum reception. In the meantime, students will be able to anticipate their interactive journey while waiting in the reception. They can play games on the available tablets, watch the introductory movie or take a nice group picture in our Photocall.
Museum Rules | Please review the Museum rules and regulations before your scheduled visit.
Beginning of the circuit | The Museum's space can accommodate a maximum of 30 students per group. Larger groups will be sub-divided into two or three smaller groups and the visit will be done separately. In addition to the group leader(s), each group will be accompanied by one of the Museum's members of staff who will explain the exhibits of the five Museum rooms and answer any questions. The circuit runs through five rooms, all of them different. Students wearing glasses can collect plastic 3D glasses from the Museum reception, as the paper glasses may not be so adaptable. The plastic 3D glasses should be returned to the reception at the end of the visit.

In the last Museum room, visitors, along with the group leaders, can pretend they are employees of the chocolate factory. To play the role, students can wear the "factory uniform" and "control" the chocolate production process by interacting with the different machines in the room. As a result of this "hard" work, students will be able to take a chocolate bar with them by reading the bar code ticket in the last machine. The chocolate bar label can be customised by adding a picture of the "employee of the year".

The duration of the visit will be approximately one hour, but may vary from group to group.
End of visit | Please make sure that all equipment belonging to the Museum is returned after the visit.

Special conditions for schools

The 'Fábrica do Chocolate' Museum intends to be an educational and entertaining space that everyone can visit and enjoy.
That is why we consider all the organisations, public or private, that are related to the education of children and young people very important to us. Thus, special terms and conditions have been identified for schools and/or educational organisations.
For this reason, special conditions have been defined to access this interactive adventure at Chocolate World.
The price per child/young person/student is €6,00.
The entrance of the monitors that accompany the group is free (1 monitor per 10 students).

We believe that students will always remember their fun, interactive and educational visit to the 'Fábrica do Chocolate' Museum.

We would very much appreciate your feedback, so that we can improve our service every day.


Price *
The Museum is open from tuesday to sunday between 10am and 6pm. It is closed on mondays. Adult | €8,00
Child (4-12 years old) | €6,00
Schools / Education & Entertaining Org. | €6,00
Senior (>65 years old) | €6,00
Groups (>10 pax) | €7,00**
Groups (>50 pax) | €5,00
"Sundays at the Museum!"*** | €5,00

Reduction of €1 to the base price applicable to each family member. It is understood by family: minimum 2 persons (family members) one of which must be under 18 years old.

Applicable to groups with a minimum of 10 people. Group members shall always apply the most advantageous rate (senior, child) when applicable. To the remaining members of the group (>18 <65) the group rate of €7,00 applies.

*** "Sundays at the Museum!"
On sundays we invite all people to visit the Chocolate Museum for a discount rate of €5,00 p/person

Other information

  • The last tickets are sold 15 minutes before the Museum closes
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Bags and packages must be deposited in the cloakroom
  • No eating or drinking is allowed inside the Museum
  • No animals are allowed in the Museum, except guide-dogs
  • For private, non-commercial purposes, visitors are permitted to take photographs and video using point-and-shoot cameras, phones, and handheld video equipment only. For commercial or private purposes, authorisation must be requested. Any request for authorisation in this regard must be submitted in advance
  • Prams or strollers are allowed