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Regina is undoubtedly the most popular and recognized Portuguese chocolate brand in Portugal. Founded in 1928, it was on Rua Sá de Miranda, in Alcântara, that it began its vast and innovative journey in the tasty world of chocolates. It was for decades the dominant brand in the portuguese chocolate market.

It was characterized by its strong presence in the main segments of the market. Everyone remembers the milk chocolate chip with almond pieces, Floc-Choc, the umbrellas, the pencils, fruit-flavored tablets and candies with cherry or fruity filling.

Without forgetting the box of holes that made the delights of families at the popular fairs, and was recently relaunched with a huge success.

At the end of 2000, Imperial acquired the Regina brand and relaunched it at Easter 2002. Since then, the brand has returned to the market and, despite its absence for a certain period of time, it has turned out to be a success.

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Casa Grande

Casa Grande Chocolatier is dedicated to the development of an entirely handcrafted line. They produce their own chocolate, starting from the base raw materials in order to guarantee the differentiation of their revenues.

They combine cocoa with a judicious selection of products of excellence generating unique and exquisite taste experiences and provide a service of excellence, capable of creating value in their stakeholders.

They have implemented two distinct manufacturing strands, the gourmet products - handcrafted - and the industrial ones.

Over time Casa Grande has been establishing partnerships on how to franchise gourmet products. They are also working on the internationalization of the brand, bringing a truly portuguese product across borders.

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Arcadia is a Portuguese family-owned company that manufactures artisanal chocolate. Founded in 1933 in the city of Porto by Manuel Pereira Bastos, the brand is currently run by the founder's grandchildren.

Known for its traditional assortment, which retains the original recipe since its foundation, as well as the chocolate 'línguas de gato', innovation is an integral part of this company, for example the famous chocolate bonbons with port wine, brandy or even ginger and cinnamon.

It is from the facilities of Rua do Almada, right in the center of Oporto, that are produced artisanally the 70 types of chocolate that Arcadia has available. At certain times of the year, about 60.000 candies per day are made.

In full expansion, the brand has more than 20 stores in Portugal.

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